The Darren Holland Project

The Darren Holland Project is a project with many players involved. The main two spouses are Darren and Cheryl Holland from Grain Valley, MO. Darren writes all songs and plays guitar, keys, bass, vocals, and programs. Cheryl plays percussion, keys, drums on some songs, and vocals and flute. The Darren Holland Project continues to add new members for various projects. Darren Holland is the producer and Andy Oxman at Sound Works Recording studio in Blue Springs MO

Bryan Klinesteker is a singer/songwriter who has been performing since the seventies and released a new album recently that spans his career. Bryan over his career has worked with blind/visually impaired students before retiring and now is focused on music again. Bryan has been featured in various stations and most notably "WQEZ" Kalamazoo Lively Arts.

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