Steffn sees himself as a spiritual artist with a positive attitude to life.

He recently recorded three videos of known cover songs that have a special meaning to him as an artist and as a young man. The songs have a main theme and touch deeply on the different stages we may experience during close relationships. “Sweet Dreams” and “Sign of the Times” relate to meeting new people and the hidden obstacles encountered before you getting to know each other. And “In your Eyes“ dwells on the feelings of rejection.
Steffn sings about the struggles in relationships that are a part of our journey in life. These are experiences many of us can relate to.

The exciting cover videos are produced by Cesar Smedts and will be featured online on You Tube in the weeks to come. They introduce Steffn as a recording artist after his appearance in the popular TV show “Belgium’s Got Talent” where he won the hearts of many singing the Puccini opera aria “O Mio Babbino Caro” in a contra-tenor voice. He was also a guest in the Flemish hit series “FC De Kampioenen”.

Steffn’s first single release “Guess we’re Done” is set for release on March 11th 2022
The topic stays close to the artist as it considers love, pain and confusion.

Cover Video release dates:

• Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics): November 2021

• Sign of the times (Harry Styles): December 2021

• In Your Eyes (The Weekend): January 2022

Single release dates:

• Guess We’re Done : March 11th 2022

• 2nd single: Q2 2022

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Juin 2022

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